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I know I have not updated my blog page in a while, I have a lot to add to the topic on how to land the job with a portfolio, what the managers are looking for as well as the do’s  and don’ts for your page.  So, let’s get started. 

I want to start by pointing out some of the don’ts and then move on to some of the things you should focus on and think about when creating your web site.


Don’t let someone else do your web site.

Don’t use tools to develop your site.

Don’t add to much content to your web site.

Don’t always mention your web site unless you are asked for a sample of your work.

Don’t post your web site unless you have tested it on all browsers.

Don’t get into web development because it’s in demand you should have a passion for it because things are constantly changing and requirements increase each year.  This means that you must be ready to constantly learn new things.

Don’t have knowledge of code, truly understand the languages associated with developing a web page


Test your website on all browsers

Validate your pages.

Get experience with some type of design tool.

Stay up to date with the latest technologies.

Stay up to date with standards and trends,

Take at least one class a year, no matter if it’s a tutorial, an online class or in the class room.

Make sure you know what’s in demand in the IT industry.

Write code on a regular basis, the more code you write the more you learn.

Learn how to use debugging tools, firebug, IE, Dreamweaver has a good debugger on it as well.

Use a text editor to write your code, not notepad. This is because an editor for certain languages has the syntax color coded and it’s easy to distinguish syntax errors.

Understand how a web server works, it would be a good idea to configure one yourself. This will also give you a good understanding of your local versus remote host.

Understand server side and client side development. In my experience there is always a little bit of backend associated with front end development and with bank end development there is always a little bit of front end development involved.

Understand the difference between Designer, Web Developer and Application Developer.

I could go on and one with what you should know.  I will update this section periodically.

Let’s move on to what managers are looking for.

This would depend on what industry you are going into. Telecommunication, Banking, Health Education etc..

Managers have a long recipe is what I call it.  If you have ever looked at a job requirement some of them ask for a lot.  In reality no one is going to have all the skills listed.  There is the required and desired and the pluses.

Managers want someone who can work in a team environment and who they fill will be a good fit for the team.

They want someone who can demonstrate their knowledge of HTML and CSS by answering questions and writing code.

They want you to have the ability to get up to speed quickly.  If you choose to mention your website make sure it is working perfectly for the user experience by following some of the things I mentioned above.

They are looking for web developers who can develop elegant, responsive, dynamic, semantic pages.







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    1. Hiring Manager says:

      Dear Pamela,

      I am a hiring manager that recently came across your resume and portfolio website ( as it’s displayed on your resume). My Suggestion to you is not to apply for job that will pay you a mere $40-$60 per hour. Your skill level is much much higher than that. I would suggest applying for Senior positions, with high level development. You are an amazing guru after all.

      P.S. I Especially liked the firework like gifs on your portfolio page.

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